painted cover for first movie adaptation


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Lee Sullivan Art

issue #1 cover - inks by Kim DeMulder




RoboCop Comic Book Art





last page of all - note difference in styles (my inks)



first appearance by Robo in the first issue




RoboCop vs Terminator



 Issue 4 cover




issue 5 cover



Homage Dept. part 1 - an amazing compositional coincidence - above left is my Robo introductory page in issue 1, and above right a 'RoboCop v Terminator' page drawn by artist Walt Simonson after Marvel had given up on the franchise. Compare and contrast . . . :)










Homage Dept. part 2 - Robo's pose deliberately recalls the Uncle Sam 'Your Country Needs You' army recruitment poster


Homage Dept. part 4 - the pose for this was ripped off by a video company for a VHS release of the animated episodes





Homage Dept. part 3 - Robo's pose for this cover was derived from the poster art for the 60s dinosaur film 'One Million Years B.C.' starring Raquel Welch






issue 17 cover


cover issue 12


Marvel US Editor Greg Wright saw some of my Doctor Who work and asked me produce samples for the upcoming RoboCop comic. This started a two-year run on the title working first wth Alan Grant and then reuniting with Simon 'Transformers' Furman who succeeded him. Towards the end of the run, new editor Rob Tokar allowed me to provide inks as well as pencils, which produced a much more satisfying result - I hated just pencilling and never really gave the inkers what they needed to make the work look great.


A selection of images here courtesy of www.robocoparchive.com who have an extensive RoboCop site worth visiting.









issue 18 cover



issue 19 cover










issue 21 cover



 up in flames - issue 23's cover



Flak Robo meets Murphy Robo





Although Robo was cancelled by Marvel at issue 23, plans were already in place for the next few issues. Covers were completed for issues 25 and 26, and here they are for the first time!


I can't remember doing 24, but I suppose it must have existed. We had to provide covers in advance of the stories for publicity purposes.


As far as I can recall, in issue 25 (left) Robo was due to meet Troma's 'Toxic Avenger' who by coincidence was also the star of his own Marvel title which, by even stranger coincidence, shared the same editor: mighty Rob Tokar. That's him you can see on the podium, though the wording was my own. Something less cynical would have been substituted for publication. I hope!




 RoboCop meets . . . TromoCop - issue 25 cover


cover rough by Rob Tokar of issue #26






Issue 26's cover rough (left) offers a glimpse of what might have been - Robo was to tour the USA cleaning up trouble.


Some changes were obviously made between the rough stage and the finished piece (right). I like the fact that Robo is marching off on his own.


Note the space in the bottom left of the covers for 25 & 26 - we had to allow for a barcode to be substituted for different versions of the comic and we tried to build something of the right shape and size into the picture rather than 'dead space'.








 Robo sets off towards other comic companies *sob* - issue 26 cover


Occasionally the artist loses the plot - I originally missed the opportunity to have a great shot of Robo on page 1 of issue 4. Editor Greg Wright pulled me up on this and you can see the before and after results above. Doh!  Still, it makes for another example of untouched pencil art. I was told early on to bulk-up Robo's anatomy. I wish I hadn't. Later on I trimmed his arms back down to size.




unused pencils - issue #2 page 23



unused pencils - issue #4 page1



reworked and published version








RoboCurio: Issue 2 originally had a 'coda': a final page that was never used (or inked) - so you can see the type of pencil art I was producing and why inkers had trouble with my style :)


first portrait of Robo



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first test illustration used for promo purposes (Kim DeMulder inks)





Self-inked portrait of RoboCop submitted to Greg Wright with a view to getting the job. Hadn't got the helmet shape figured out at all. I was working from a 3-inch high white-metal figurine of Robo for reference  :)



Test for Kim DeMulder - his first inking of my pencil art. I think this was used for a teaser poster.


Corner box art



Corner box art. I inked the originals and then added more surface effects when I took over inking the strip. Should have altered the helmet shape though!