Doctor Who in the Radio Times

As a tie-in with the 'Doctor Who - the TV Movie' British listings magazine 'Radio Times' commissioned a weekly half-page Eighth Doctor comic strip, which ran for almost a year.

Scripted by Gary Russell with colours by Alan Craddock, it was a very exacting project because of the necessity to include a title, recap and cliff-hanger in each episode - not to mention advance the story - within such a small area. New here are some sequences showing script, initial roughs, inks, colours and the final lettered and printed image and how it appeared within the magazine. Notably, my initial roughs were without drawings at all, as I had to design the pages around the dialogue! Also featured here is the first strip of what should have been the next story in the Radio Times, which was abandoned when the strip was curtailed. There is an online archive of them (and much else) HERE

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